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Remember: Ghosts

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I chose the picture on this blog purposefully. It is a photograph of the former smokestack at the Neuweiler factory down by Bucky Boyle Park. It is an abandoned region of the city with seemingly more and more empty buildings that once were hubs of manufacturing, textile production and burgeoning industry.

This is where Allentown can and must be reborn.


From the new America on Wheels museum to the shell of Neuweiler exits a limitless possibility of revitalization and growth.

A Hockey Arena to serve as an a anchor?

Riverside cafes?

A bridge to connect the American Parkway?

The possibilities are endless.

What once was a silken backbone to the development of this city can be rebuilt and serve a purpose again.

It is time to use the river.

I will continue posting about the Allentown riverfront. This is a bit of a mission statement.



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