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Remember: Music For Action: Climate Change

Monday, March 1, 2010

Music For Action: Climate Change

(I was going to begin this blog post with a link to a recent Morning Call poll about “belief” in Climate Change. As the Morning Call is a newspaper, I expect to receive news and statistics without a bias from them. When I loaded the article in my browser, a large “Kick Harry Reid Out of Office” banner was displayed. I will not link to that article on account of the political ad shown with it, nor will I mention the poll.)

It snowed a lot this winter folks.

A couple stupid emails got sent and subsequently exposed.

The talking heads on Fox News and inside their Tea Party are ringing the conspiracy bells across every corner of America trying to alert the country to the elaborate liberal hoax that they knew has always existed.

Well, today I am going to ignore that rampant stupidity and instead offer a few questions to my readers before getting to an awesome awareness and involvement raising promotion.

Go with me for a second readers…

Let us assume that the notion that the human race is causing the earth to get warmer is in fact, bullpucky. Having established this, answer the following questions:

1. Do you want the atmosphere to be full of chemical pollutants that have been proven harmful to humans and in some cases carcinogenic?

2. Do you want the lakes, rivers and streams of America to be acidic in nature, devoid of life, full of parasitic bacteria and chemical/industrial waste and run-off?

3. Do you want the food you eat to be steroid and hormone filled? In addition, do you desire to continue to support agricultural practices that magnify the scenarios envisioned in questions 1 and 2?

4. Do you want the remaining open spaces in this country sacrificed to practices that will magnify the scenarios envisioned in questions 1 and 2?

5. Do you want to continue living in an unsustainable fashion that has directly affected and threatened parts of our food chain with never before seen parasites and fungi?

6. Do you want an economy of the future based on imported fossil fuels that are running out, or do you want an American economy leading the world in alternative energy and massive green job creation?

I could continue, but I think my point has become explicitly clear. Even if Global Warming is a liberal hoax (and really, what the hell would the point of that be?), the issues affecting the livability of Earth do not change.

In that spirit, the Senate is considering passing a new bipartisan (Thank you Senator Graham, R South Carolina) Climate Bill that will begin the process President Obama has envisioned will lead us out of the fossil fuel-imported economy of the Reagan/Bush eras and bring us into a cleaner, greener, future that will provide thousands of Americans with American jobs. Some Senators remain on the fence, and it is my opinion that in an election year, they are more likely to listen to their constituents than usual. Now is the time to send a letter, an email or make a phone call to get this thing passed.

To provide further incentive for involvement, a group of musicians has banded together to offer a free CD entitled “The Best of Bonaroo”, that you can download once you have emailed your senator through their website.

Do not fret hipster friends, the tracklist has more than jam band hippy stuff, check it out:
1. Wilco - Bull Black Nova
2. Pearl Jam - Animal
3. Jack Johnson - Inaudible Melodies
4. Dave Matthews Band - Pantala Naga Pampa >> Rapunzel
5. Death Cab for Cutie - Cath...
6. Ani DiFranco - Fuel
7. Phish - Kill Devil Falls
8. Gov't Mule - Banks of the Deep End
9. O.A.R. - Delicate Few
10. moe. - Not Coming Down
11. Raphael Saadiq - 100 Yard Dash
12. Bob Weir & RatDog - Throwing Stones
13. Disco Biscuts - And the Ladies...
14. The Decemberists - The Wanting Comes in Waves/Repaid
15. My Morning Jacket - Oh! Sweet Nuthin'
16. Guster - Happier
17. Phil Lesh and Friends - Box of Rain

The website for the CD and email is:


Please share this post with others, or just share the link to the site. Spread the word folks.

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Anonymous Jon Bendas said...

I agree with you completely that it is better for everyone when pollution is kept to a minimal and that long term we need to get off of fossil fuels (for more reasons then just the environment, as they affect our society in countless negative ways). That being said, the hysteria that has arisen in the last decade about man-made global warming is ridiculous. We are not going to debate the science over facebook, but it is no coincidence that some of the leading climate scientist have now admitted that they falsified their data. Not motive you say? I agree that your motive is purely for the betterment of this earth, but not all. First, internationally, it can be seen as a way to redistribute international wealth. In Denmark they talked how the "wealthy" countries need to give money to the "poor" countries to compensate for the damage they have caused with their carbon emissions. Second, the biggest lobbying group in the United States (obviously for Obama), General Electric has a lot of profit to be make by the green jobs revolution that "must be done now", and not phased in over time. It's a little GE scratch liberals backs, liberals scratch GEs back.

March 1, 2010 at 12:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally about the craziness of fighting about whether climate change is "real" or not. There are so many reasons to live more lightly on the land and all of them benefit us personally and collectively.

The thing is, there are always special interest groups who encourage political fear-mongering and have ways to profit. For this reason, I am suspicious that cap and trade is the answer, but prefer to walk or bicycle than drive. And, I'm totally with you about planting a garden and supporting our local producer only farmers markets.

You are on target! Think globally, act locally.

March 4, 2010 at 10:41 AM  

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