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Remember: "We don't see an opportunity to release those particular funds,"

Thursday, April 30, 2009

"We don't see an opportunity to release those particular funds,"

That was the line given to press by Rendell spokesperson Michael Smith. This was in reference to the state of Pennsylvania not releasing any money to the Lehigh Valley or the city of Allentown to help fund the construction of a hockey arena.

I get that our budget is tight. I understand the economic poo storm raging across this country. I acknowledge that the decision to withhold those funds is fine.

The manner in which this decision was spoken of is terrible.

In essence, Governor Rendell said that building this arena would not be an opportunistic decision. He, or rather one of his lackeys, said that the third largest city of Allentown is without opportunity. He gave up on us.

Building that arena as an anchor with the America on Wheels museum to define a new riverfront would be the spark plug of revitalization Allentown has so longed for. It would be a fiery catalyst that would create hundreds, if not thousands of jobs and it would bring thousands and thousands of people back into Downtown Allentown.
Stores, cafes and restaurants would open with the arena because of the opportunity it creates. (See The PigPen etc.)

It would give the city a great and new meeting place where people of all social classes can meet and interact. It would bring light to the city and with light it would also lower crime rates.

I, and I hope you the reader can see the limitless potential that RiverFront has.

The same potential the Governor ignored.



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