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Remember: Allentown Park Log 10: Union Terrace.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Allentown Park Log 10: Union Terrace.

Union Terrace, now called Dadonna Terrace is an impressive place. A large earthen amphitheater with stone stairs and a stone stage area were built here in the 1930’s as part of the WPA.

A few weeks ago, Movies in the Parks showed Pirates of the Caribbean here. It was a great night and a wonderful example of using a park to make something really interesting and fun happen. It would be great to see more movies or concerts happen here during the summer months. I would love to organize a concert here. (If you’re reading this WDIY, let’s do it!)

The Terrace is a near continuation of Cedar Beach Parkway with Hamilton Boulevard separating the two. A little farther past the terrace is the Lehigh Parkway; DT is almost hidden between the two.

Next to the stage and amphitheater is a large, nearly stagnant pond.

When I was growing up, during the winter, people used to ice skate here when the weather was cold enough. I don’t believe that happens anymore because of warmer winters and/or safety issues. There are a few metal sculptures on each side of the pond that are reminders of the skating.

Given its location, DT is much more urbanized than its neighbor parks bit even still I was able to see an assortment of animals and wildflowers.

There were an abundance of a certain type of fish in the pond that I have yet to positively identify. It was nearly black with nearly neon blue markings and a touch of white of its tail and dorsal fin. I couldn't grab a good picture because of the water.

I hope that as plans for revitalizing our parks move forward that somewhere in the works are plans for increasing the use of Dadonna Terrace. Like I wrote in this post, DT is one of the criminally underused venues here in Allentown and it might be the most unique if not the most beautiful.



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