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Remember: Cedar Beach Update from Greg Weitzel

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cedar Beach Update from Greg Weitzel

On Monday morning, I ran a post detailing the current conditions at Cedar Beach Parkway. Today, I received an email from Greg Weitzel, the Director of Parks and Recreation with an explanation of what is going on down there. The following is what Greg sent me.:

"With regards to the ongoing Rose Garden reflective ponds trail paving and recent concerns brought to my attention:

1. We are in the middle of the construction process, and drawing conclusions and assumptions on a partially completed project only further advances misconceptions.

2. Once completed, the paved trails will significantly reduce the footprint of the current paths. In some places, the stone paths were 20 feet wide. The new paved paths will be a uniformed eight (8) feet wide, and all the area adjacent to the paved paths will be leveled off with topsoil and seeded.

3. Erosion and sediment controls plans require a silt fence be placed next to the creek, therefore, encroachment on the newly planted riparian area (approximately 30 feet) was necessary. However, the new trail was shifted further away from the creek to allow for more riparian area between the creek and the path.

4. Staff was very aware of the new plants in this area and will replace this small amount of plants when topsoil and seed is reintroduced.

5. The open areas around the third pond walls will be filled with topsoil and seeded, and the open drain pipe will be cut and buried.

6. Lastly, the new paved paths will be stamped and painted ( to match, to the best of our ability, the new Rose Garden pavers.

My original post can be seen here:

Cedar Beach Parkway, The good, bad, ugly and What!?

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Blogger michael molovinsky said...

andrew, don't go off on a tangent with your senses, don't believe your eyes, that leads to misconceptions.

wait until they pave the battling loopy loops on the other side of the creek.

that park is shot

October 28, 2009 at 7:26 PM  

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