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Remember: Monocacy Nature Center

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Monocacy Nature Center

I made my first ever visit to Monocacy Nature Center on a true August afternoon; the kind of afternoon that earns the nickname “dog day”. It was oppressively humid, disgustingly hot and mostly the kind of day that beckons the soul toward water. In other words, it was the perfect day to dwell in the cool shade of sanctuary and better still to sit on the side of the Monocacy Creek as it passes on its journey to the Lehigh River.

Across the street from Monocacy Park, the Nature Center sits aside a parking lot and would barely have its concrete path noticed if not for the large blue sign. That path is deceptive as well. As quickly as you make enough footsteps to place yourself inside, the concrete disappears and the walkway returns to the wild it winds through.

Inside the Nature Center, there are no signs. There are no mowed grass meadows. It is simply unadulterated Nature and is incredibly beautiful.

I recommend visiting this website for a detailed guide to the available trails before making a journey yourself. The Nature Center itself is not incredibly large but you can sure get lost in it. On this August afternoon, summer was just past its peak. Autumn was an unseen faraway threat and the view in all directions was lush with the green of leaves.

The trails loop around the Center and one particular path leads directly through the vegetation alongside the creek.

Here, at Monocacy Nature Center, the trail only begins. You can continue journeying all the way through Bethlehem to Sand Island Park. I sadly did not complete the hike this past summer but I surely will soon. I did walk a bit past the Center to the Burnside Plantation. I will be posting about that a bit in the future.

Visiting this place was wonderful and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to take a bit of a journey on an idle afternoon. I look forward to returning.



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