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Remember: The Construction at Cedar Beach: So Far

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Construction at Cedar Beach: So Far

When I started writing this blog, The Cedar Beach construction had yet to begin. Now, nearly eight months later, a significant amount of construction has already been completed and more construction is currently underway. Today, I am going to show you the journey that Cedar Beach Parkway has thus far undergone; primarily the construction of pathways in the Rose Garden and Old Fashioned Garden and the refurbishing on the reflecting ponds. Take a look.

June 2nd

June 25th: Work Began on the Ponds

July 10th: Pond work hits a fever pitch

July 16th: The Pathways are starting to be dug

July 23rd: Pond Work is Finished

August 4th: The Ponds are Refilled

August 17th: The trenches in the Old Fashioned Garden are filled, Work begins in Rose Garden

August 20th: Final Pathway created in the Old Fashioned Garden, Towers rise in the Rose Garden

August 25th: Trenches dug in the Rose Gardens

October 26th: All Rose Garden Work Finished

They have entered into new phases of construction down there now. The paving of the pathways around the reflecting ponds in nearly complete. I'll have a complete photo log and comment next week. There is alot more left to happen down there and I'll make sure to show it on here.

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