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Remember: In Search of Spring 2: Jordan Creek Parkway

Monday, March 8, 2010

In Search of Spring 2: Jordan Creek Parkway

The only noise-
woodpecker heartbeats thumping across the valley, stuck in winter.
I turned my head to see the bird, saw nothing.

Walking along the floodplain,
scattered snow still frozen in shade,
I strained to hear small things rustling.

Exposed shale, sandstone,
likely an ancient seabed; sediment and centuries.

The valley cut by Jordan creek,
sunlight melts the soil soft,
bicycle tracks in traveled directions.
I wanted to feel lost.

I walked, hilltop to hilltop,
and waited, for spring to show.
Then, in a hole,
green leaves.

I walked, in the cold,
with nothing beyond that.



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