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Remember: Allentown: From The Ground Up

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Allentown: From The Ground Up

It is exciting to finally be sharing this news with my readers. Fellow bloggers lvvoice and a voice in the valley and I have started a new blog which you can find here: Allentown: From the Ground Up
We will all be maintaining our blogs, don't worry.

The point of this group is to begin an organization of events and meet-ups that highlight the things that there are to do here in the Allentown. Our first meet-up will be at an Iron Pigs game and if you have any questions about the Iron Pigs please see my post below.

This is going to be exciting. I encourage everyone to come and join us for some events and as time passes more and more will be posted.

Go check out the blog!

Allentown: From the Ground Up



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