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Remember: Allentown Park Log: Part 2 - Trexler Park

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Allentown Park Log: Part 2 - Trexler Park

Trexler Park is tucked between the grinding thoroughfares of Cedar Crest Boulevard and Tilghman Street. Trexler Park is a popular spot for walkers,joggers, bicyclists, bird watchers, etc.. The secret of the park is its size. It is huge. At the turn of every corner of macadam trail the park just grows.

It is a destination for families to have a day out and genuinely experience nature in the backyard of the city. During my journey this morning I saw many types of birds, and various groundhogs and squirrels. It is also an excellent place to talk a dog for a walk and many people were taking advantage of just that this morning.There are separate paths for bicyclists and pedestrians and biking is as encouraged as walking. The macadam paths are long and offer various grades and certainly provide a great workout if a workout is what you are looking for.

What separates Trexler Park from all the other parks in town is the specter of the General himself astride his horse looking over the green expanse. Once you climb the hill (and be forewarned, if your as out of shape as I am, prepare to sweat) you can stand with General Trexler and see his vision as fruition. Trexler is the reason we have many of the parks we do and it was his forward thinking vision that propelled Allentown out of the anthracite coal debacle and back into prosperity. I stood with him today and wondered if ever a vision like his could succeed again. I wondered what Harry Trexler would do now if he was here in Allentown. I hoped I was seeing the same thing he was.

Leaving Trexler Park and driving back into the West End of Allentown feels off. In the deepest areas of the park it feels as if the city were as far away as the ocean, save the sound of sirens and engines. I left knowing The General was still looking on and I hoped that I could continue to perpetuate his dream as a young citizen of Allentown.




Blogger Katie Bee said...

I have dreams of seeing a photograph of the Iron Pigs mascot sitting on Trexler's horse right there with him. I think that his dream will be fully realized at that moment. All of Allentown would sigh and say, "There, that's better," and everyone would move back and Hess's would rise from the ashes. I am certain.

Nonsense, aside, I have always wondered what Trexler would think of the city now. Sure, the park looks great, but what if he rode that horse right down Hamilton street? Down Tilghman? Would the clop of hooves echo his disappointment? Something must be done.

May 2, 2009 at 7:45 PM  

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