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Remember: APL: Lehigh Parkway Part 3

Friday, May 22, 2009

APL: Lehigh Parkway Part 3

On the third journey I took into the Parkway, I took a left turn at Bogart’s bridge and walked what I am going to call the east-loop. Each of the three sections of the Parkway that I journeyed through are very different from each other while remaining familiar enough to always remind you where you are.

A single kiln stood on this loop but the defining feature was the huge bridge about half way through.

The true constant throughout the park is the little Lehigh creek meandering its way eastward. Kayakers, fly-fisherman, kids searching for crayfish or a hot adult placing a foot in to cool off; the creek is the star of Lehigh Parkway.

The parks of Allentown are our escape, our recreation, and our playgrounds at any age. These are the places we come to relax, to forget, to find new space, to remember and reform our connection to the ecosystem and to discover ourselves in solitude. We take our families there for afternoons or evenings out, and together. Sometimes, for no other reason, we come just to go.

This city has seen its fair share of changes. The constant here is our parks, and Lehigh Parkway stands as proof of it. The haunted kilns, stone staircases, and steel disc golf holes stand as the varied reminders of where this city was and where it is going. The Parkway will always be and has always been a shining jewel in the crown of the Queen City.

I encourage all of you to visit the Parkway. Go alone. Take your significant other. Take your children. Go for a walk with your dog. Go for a bike ride. Just go. It is a wonderful place that can truly enrich and expand a different, greener perspective of Allentown and if nothing else will give you a place to go as a citizen that can make you truly proud of your city.



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