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Remember: The Lehigh Valley Zoo

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Lehigh Valley Zoo

This Saturday, I joined Allentown From The Ground Up for a day at the Lehigh Valley Zoo. Growing up in the Lehigh Valley, I visited what was then known simply as the Game Preserve often. I hadn’t been there in a few years but the experience was still as wonderful as it was back then. This is a small zoo with some beautiful animals and an idyllic location, nestled in the hills above the city of Allentown.

The zoo is an incredible resource for the Valley. They have had well publicized money troubles the last few years and nearly had to close the place. I am very glad it is still open. I hope folks begin to realize the value and potential that little zoo has. There is also a public access to game preserve lands there with various trails and incredible opportunities to see our local forest in all its glory.

I feel as if the starring attraction of the zoo for me was less the penguins (which were awesome) and more the preserve. The drive out of the zoo is amazing and is filled with views of bison, elk, and even a long vista of surrounding lands.

There is also the matter of driving through the Jordan Creek to exit which scared me to death as a kid and I still felt a twinge of anxiety as I drove through it for the first time as a driver. Without rambling on about the value of the zoo, I offer only this advice: If you do not go and visit the zoo some time this summer or fall you may be a:

Lehigh Valley Zoo Website

Directions from 15th and Chew:

View 15th and Chew to Lehigh Valley Zoo in a larger map



Anonymous monkey momma said...

Looks like fun! My kids and I like to pack our water shoes and go in the creek near where the cars go across. There are tons of tadpoles and other creatures, and if you can stay away from the geese poop, it's pretty cool!

June 30, 2009 at 8:21 AM  

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