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Remember: Pool Wildlife Sanctuary: Part One

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pool Wildlife Sanctuary: Part One

Today, I attempted a visit to the Wildlands Conservancy headquarters, The Pool Wildlife Sanctuary in Emmaus. The Sanctuary is located south on cedar crest boulevard in Emmaus. I went to check them out because they are a group that has made a profound impact in the fight for open space and natural preservation. I had also heard that they have some pretty cool digs.

A few steps from the parking lot, a large sign offers a map:

We decided to begin one of the many interconnected trails, called the Backyard Conservation Trail:

This is a truly beautiful area.

To the right of the main trail, a path leads to a bird blind.

Inside the blind, is a poster offering information about the various types of birds able to be seen from the blind.

Today, there weren’t many birds around. I saw a cardinal zip by and a finch but I think the birds knew what was coming.

Farther along the trail continues its beautiful journey in the thick characteristics of our naturally occurring deciduous forest. The hallmarks of May growth, the may apples were beginning to become subdued to the unfolding fern fronds signaling the start of summer.

I managed to see a few interesting insects today:

Crane Fly:


And this guy, who wasn't an insect but sure was sneaky:

As the I continued my path upwards towards the Woodland and eventually the Urban Forest Loop, the skies opened and I was forced to depart. Sitting soaked in my station wagon, I was truly bummed out I did not have the chance to see all of what this Sanctuary had to offer. Weather depending, I’ll be back there tomorrow. I am sure my shoes will have dried out by then. I am very excited about returning.

Check them out at and I will offer their history and more in Part 2.

(Don't worry, the park logs will continue...)



Anonymous monkey momma said...

My kids and I love the wildlife sanctuary. Check out their calendar of events - they have all kinds of outings for people of all ages. If I were in my 20's (or w/o kids), I'd want to do their creek outings on canoes! As it is, I enjoy hiking the trails with my little ones, and the summer camp there is amazing, as are their yearlong offerings of day-long courses. They even have overnight family camping parties and star watching. Pool Wildlife taught my kids to respect nature as it is and to leave everything in nature as you found it. These lessons have lasted for years, and my kids continue to practice the good stewardship they learned there during one of our many days visiting. It truly is a gem in the valley - thanks for posting about it.

June 12, 2009 at 9:22 AM  

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