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Remember: Allentown Park Log 15: Percy B Ruhe Park

Friday, July 24, 2009

Allentown Park Log 15: Percy B Ruhe Park

I expected to find a couple of baseball diamonds and not much more at Percy B Ruhe (Alton) Park. I certainly found that but I did find a bit more over there and discovered another Allentown park with a unique identity.

The park is framed by power lines.

After parking, a few pavilions, basketball courts, baseball diamonds, racquetball courts, a playground and a memorial are within close walking distance. There is no shortage of signage here letting you know what park you are in.

Cutting the park down the middle is a gravel path.

At the end of the park, the path splits and heads back towards houses to the right.

To the left, the path continues on. Walking here, you are treated to unique views of the city just past Queen City Airport.

The Alton Park Youth League which has been around since 1964 calls this park home. Their Comets practice here and have left a few noticeable reminders of their presence. Most notably, an old scoreboard right next to the path:

The path turns to the right and heads back towards the parking lot, behind the light poles.

I really enjoyed my walk in Ruhe Park. I think it would be a great thing if the walking path here could be extended to the far end of the park near to the I-78 wall. It would be even better if the trail could be extended to nearby Bogart’s Bridge and the Lehigh Parkway. I hope that the trail network study has some plans for that.

As parks go, Alton (Ruhe) Park is worth a visit. Next time you’re down in the Parkway head up 24th just a bit further and check it out.



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