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Remember: With a Little Help From My Friends

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

With a Little Help From My Friends

Before I present my plan for Jordan Park renovations, I wanted to take the opportunity this morning to thank the friends and my family that have joined me on my journeys through Allentown’s park system.

Abby in the Parkway:

Liz at Union Terrace:

While I do not deny that it is therapeutic to take a stroll through the park alone and allow the soundtrack of nature to fill the head and the soul, sometimes having a friend to experience it with you is as wonderful.

Jerista making his DeNiro face at Canal Park:

My brother Bucky in Cedar Creek:

I encourage my readers to take this chance this week or weekend to call a friend and go for a walk in one of our parks. Despite the environmental issues and whatever other concerns exist about them, they still are the most beautiful places in the city of Allentown and I believe they have no parallel anywhere else.

My cousin Sean:

CJ and Lauren on the Knob:

I also offer a walk in the park to anyone who reads this blog and wants to come along with me. Being able to share my enthusiasm and excitement with new friends is great fun. I want to remind everyone that on August 30th we will be having a picnic at Cedar Beach. There is a facebook event page set up. Any questions please leave a comment.

Our first Walk in the Park group:

The group gathered at Walk in the Park 2

Here, let me say again to my friends and family, thank you for taking journeys with me. Thank you to everyone for reading and commenting, even if you haven’t come out with me; I have made some awesome online connections through this blog. I look forward to many more journeys, readers and comments.


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