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Remember: Adventures in the Riparian Buffer and the Destruction of it

Monday, August 10, 2009

Adventures in the Riparian Buffer and the Destruction of it

Within seconds of arriving at the Riparian Buffer at the Rose Gardens on Saturday afternoon, I found this fellow:

That's an assassin bug. Just below, in the grass we heard the cries of this guy:

Just a few feet to our left we found a bunch of cicadas:

This time of year in Allentown, late in summer many wildflowers have bloomed out. There was still floral beauty to witness in the buffer though:

This afternoon I returned to the buffer zone to take more pictures and found most of it missing. I do not know why they have done this but I am curious to find out. If it is to rid the buffer of invasive species, then I am all for it. If not, a lot of habitat was destroyed today so I am very curious to find out why. I am glad they left what was cut and did not remove it. That will help further development of that buffer in the future.

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And make sure to read my interview with Dr. Patthishall if you haven't. It should clear up any confusion you have about further Riparian Development at Cedar Beach:

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