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Remember: Our Forgotten Parks 2: East Side Reservoir

Friday, October 30, 2009

Our Forgotten Parks 2: East Side Reservoir

It would only seem logical that in a park system as vast as ours is, that there would be a few hidden gems that don’t make it into the mainstream conversation or visitation like the Parkway or Cedar Beach. Even parks like Trout Creek parkway and Jordan Park are heavily used despite poor conditions and needed repair. In Allentown, there is one park that seems to have a very low usage rate. It is in pretty good shape and it looks like the pavilion there has even been repainted recently. I have never seen anyone else at this park during any visits and today I declare it the official park of Remember.

This park is the East Side Reservoir. It sits, literally hidden in the hills behind Keck Park and in the borderlands between Allentown and Bethlehem. It is possible to stumble upon it by accident, but otherwise, unless you are heading there on purpose, you will probably never see this park. Check it out here on Google Maps:

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The East Side Reservoir is beautiful. In an urban area, it has a beautifully developing young forest.

Climbing the hill to the top of the reservoir itself, on a clear day you can stand there and see straight across the Lehigh Valley to the Lehigh Gap and Bake Oven Knob. During my visit, I could see that far and I knew my brother was on the Knob so I felt obligated to call and say that I could see him from where I was. Having such a view hidden in the eastern hills of Allentown is incredible.

The same pipe field that exists at South Mountain exists here as well.

The East Side Reservoir is not much of a hiking or running park. It seems more of a place of reflection especially in contrast to the urban world it seems so far from on the inside but is in fact so close to at all times.

The East Side Reservoir seems like a great place to take a breather, to take a break, to take a step away and enter into a small zone of nature and remember. I encourage you to visit this place sometime. It is certainly a forgotten park of Allentown.



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