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Remember: Some things to check out on the Internet (Go Phillies!)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Some things to check out on the Internet (Go Phillies!)

In keeping with the rising interest in our National Parks (thank you Ken Burns), Time Magazine offers a Top 10 things you didn't know about National Parks.

Senate Democrats Unveil Climate and Energy Bill. Is it enough?

Weird, Rare Clouds and the physics behind them. I want to see some of those clouds as soon as possible.

Biodiversity FTW. 163 new species found in Mekong Region.

A new study about climate change and a possible major temperature change this century. Climate sizzle could some soon.

Good news about the EPA. Looks like they might regulate the environment again.

Important Editorial from mid-state Pennsylvania. It's Lawmakers obligation to make Pennsylvania's Environment Better.

The Phillies win the Division.

You folks see anything worth reading?


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