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Remember: Allentown Park Log 5: Keck Park

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Allentown Park Log 5: Keck Park

Sitting way over at the edge of the east side of town is Keck Park. It is tucked away in the corner and unless you know where you are going it is a bit difficult to find. There was no visible signage on Hamilton boulevard indicating where to turn (I could have missed it though, it is a busy intersection). Past some warehouses, you will eventually see this sign:

Of the parks I have visited thus far, Keck Park needs the most help. Most of the trash cans I saw, especially on the south side of the park were overflowing and the signs that I could find for the fitness walk were often broken or vandalized.

On the day I visited, the heart of Keck Park was buzzing with activity. The central gazebo was full of teenagers hanging out, the basketball court had a game going on it and the playground on the opposite end of the parking lot was covered in children. It was nice to see an urban park so full of people enjoying it.

There is one macadam road through the park which leads to another parking lot. A macadam trail to nowhere is without signage and leads through some underbrush to a small area that looks like an old access road at the top of the hill. A couple of unmarked slightly manicured (from travel) paths exist through the underbrush.

The views of the hillsides by the Lehigh river are beautiful from Keck Park. The park itself, while in need of the imminent upgrades and renovations coming its way; is a scenic place. I have yet to be able to discover what exact renovations will be taking place at Keck park but I know they are coming thanks to a blurb in the Adventure Allentown pamphlet.

Looking through city websites I discovered that a great amount of baseball is played at Keck Park during the summer. Baseball is one the best community building activities to have around. There is also a neighborhood watch group centered around Keck Park. (I had heard through word of mouth that there was a lot of crime in Keck Park but I could find no record of it at or If nothing else, Keck Park is very valuable to the community of Allentown and what better can you get from a city park?

(I would show pictures of the skate park, but I couldn’t find it)



Blogger Megan said...

Keck Park is a great turn-around point when I'm riding my bike on the roads in West Bethlehem/East Allentown. There always seems to be a softball or baseball game going on, and a ton of people around. I haven't been in the park after dark, but I've never felt unsafe there.

May 26, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

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