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Remember: Disc Golf 1: Covered Bridge Park

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Disc Golf 1: Covered Bridge Park

Disc Golf is an outdoor game played by driving a disc (Frisbee) to a basket.

(That is my brother Bryan about to launch a drive. He writes A Voice in the Valley)

The game mirrors ball golf in many ways and is one of the fastest growing recreational sports in America. There are active professional and amateur touring divisions and tournaments are frequent events at many disc golf courses. Here, in the Lehigh Valley, disc golf is well established. There have been many tournaments and there are a variety of courses for disc golfers to play.

(That's me, about to hit a tree wearing my best Billy Mays outfit.)

I began my disc golf journey last week at the Covered Bridge Park in South Whitehall Township. Prior to last week my only real experience with disc golf was occasionally noticing the baskets while I tromped around the Parkway. Fielding requests from readers who wanted to see me cover it and feeding curiosity about the game myself, I decided to venture out and attempt to play.

Folks I know who play told me to start at the course by Wehr’s Mill. When I asked why, because I wanted to do the course in the Parkway, I was told simply that I would not be good enough. (After playing the 18 at Covered Bridge Park, with no hole measuring over 400 feet and shooting 18 over par, the first 666 foot hole at the Parkway is reason enough for me to hone my skills before trying to tackle that beast.)

Let me say this. If you have never played disc golf or have written it off before trying it; go and play a round. The game is fun. It is challenging, addicting, and physically demanding. A trip around the baskets will serve as a great workout and as a wonderful way to reconnect with nature. The courses around Allentown provide excellent opportunities to experience varied natural setting from wetlands and fragmented forests to stream sides and rock faces. The courses also allow for the opportunity to view many different types of birds and wild animals.

Although I am still a beginner, I am hooked. I’m not very good and am continually frustrated by discs smacking into trees and the subsequent stumbling around involved in looking for my driver, despite all that, I love playing.

The course at Covered Bridge Park is varied, challenging, and fun.

Go out and give it a shot. I did and I’m sold. I took my dad out on the course and he at 57 enjoyed it just as much as I do at 25. I will have reports coming soon on the other courses in the area and I’ll post my scorecards too. See ya on the links.

Check out Lehigh Valley Disc Golf for information about everything disc golf related. Great and informative site for newbies and veterans alike.

Directions from 15th and Chew:

View 15th and Chew to Wehr's Mill in a larger map



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