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Remember: After 13 parks

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

After 13 parks

I wrote these first thirteen park logs as observations. They were to show the parks of our city as they are and to let people know that they are there and that they are wonderful assets to our city. Not one of these parks is without problems. It is these issues that this blog will begin to focus on in the future.

There are still park logs to be done and you will see them soon but I will begin to post more about the future and the past of our parks and try to serve as an educational resource as city plans for the parks are put into action.

I have alot of work to do for this blog and for you my readers. Thank you for reading what I have posted thus far. The reaction I have received has been beyond anything I could imagine that would happen to a guy writing about city parks.

The best is yet to come folks, keep reading! And in case you have missed anything:
Park Logs thus far:

One: West Park

Two: Trexler Park
Trexler Park Supplemental

Three: South Mountain

Four: Lehigh Parkway
Lehigh Parkway part 2
Lehigh Parkway part 3

Five: Keck Park

Six: The Fish Hatchery

Seven: East Side Reservoir

Eight: Cedar Beach Parkway
Cedar Beach Parkway Part 2
Cedar Beach Parkway Part 3

Nine: Trexler Park 2 and Beyond

Ten: Union Terrace

Eleven: Trout Creek Parkway
Trout Creek Parkway Part 2

Twelve: Canal Park

Thirteen: Jordan Park



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