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Remember: The Lost Park Log: Lehigh Parkway Part 4

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Lost Park Log: Lehigh Parkway Part 4

While I was writing Beyond Berg: Top 5 Allentown Parks, I realized that despite doing three separate parks logs in May on the Lehigh Parkway I had never done one for what I called Hike #2.

Just as I had written I began my walk at the Robin Hood Bridge and turned to the left.

There is a no-mow zone and Riparian Buffer area here that has been developed over the summer.

This path is nearly creekside for the majority of it and provides some spectacular views of the Little Lehigh Creek.

In the winter, this hill is one of the best sledding spots in Allentown:

Heading towards the new pedestrian bridge, with thunder in the distance

I recalled visiting here in June to discover piles of hail and a strangely winter-like scene. With that in mind, looking at the trees, things aren’t quite as green as they were a few weeks ago. Sunset is coming earlier every day.

When I began writing this blog, it was late spring. As I delved deeper into the Allentown park system and ultimately into many parks and nature reserves in the Valley, spring quickly became summer and with each subsequent posting you could see summer thicken, and explode into the deep green season that is now slowly waning.

Summer is passing and walking along the trail in the Parkway, I couldn’t help but crack a smile. For as grateful as I am to this particular summer for the wonderful experiences I have had; autumn is my favorite season and here in the Parkway I could almost sense it waiting, holding its breath, preparing to make its move.

Walking back towards Robin Hood, the trail is very different. Rows of trees frame the walkway as it snakes its way along the creek.

Everything is about to change. The long season of growth will end in a few weeks. You can tell its coming. The more time you spend outside the greater the little changes in the wildlife become. Over the last few weeks more leaves have been scattered on pathways, more acorns have fallen. It is wonderful watching it happen.

Night was coming fast, but not as fast as the thunderstorm heading in my direction. As I completed my loop I took a long look at the swollen creek rushing under the open grate bridge. The brown water seemed to echo the feeling in the Parkway this evening.

There is still some life in summer, don’t worry. The thunderstorm that was about to soak the ground was a sure reminder of it. Leaving the park that night I must confess a slight sadness. For as much as I hate the heat of summer, for the first time in my life I will miss it when it passes. You see, these park logs have made me look at things in all kinds of different ways and here at the Parkway, I am grateful.

So much is out there, right here, in Allentown and in the Lehigh Valley. There is so much to see. If anything, my walk for this lost park log was just a reminder of all the walks to come and how much I look forward to them. Savor the last of summer readers.

Just keep an eye out for autumn.

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