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Remember: Nightfall at the Parkway

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nightfall at the Parkway

The other night I went for a walk in the Parkway just shy of sunset.

Before I realized just how far into the Parkway I had walked, it became aware to me that I wouldn’t make it out before nightfall.

Walking back to my car in the dark I was the only person in the Parkway. Things weren’t always like that though. Many years ago before a park curfew was enforced the Parkway was a big hang out spot for the sixties counterculture. I have been told many anecdotes from folks who basically lived in the Parkway back then. A couple of concerts, some unrest, etc. etc, and this is obviously no longer allowed.

I think that it would be fantastic if there was a way to enjoy the parks at night again. During my journey the other night I saw many bats and noticed different wildlife patterns than can be seen when visiting during the day. I know that there are liabilities and safety/crime concerns; I am certainly not unaware of the kind of trouble that can develop. Just saying, it would be great to see a way for the citizens of Allentown to experience a different side of our parks.



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