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Remember: Cedar Creek Parkway Construction: 5-Hot Update

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cedar Creek Parkway Construction: 5-Hot Update

I discovered that new deeper trenches have been dug in both the existing trench and in entirely new areas of the Old Fashion Garden.

I spoke with one of the workers down there and asked him for the latest. He told me that they are indeed laying a new irrigation system but are also working on the beginnings of a new stone path. He was very nice and let me know that the job he was doing was going to make the Garden better. I agree. Once the pathway is finished, the way they have it dug out, it is going to look very nice down there.

Nothing new was happening to the ponds.

You can keep track of the construction here:
Update 6/25/09
Update 7/10/09
Update 7/16/09
Update 7/23/09



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