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Remember: Our second Walk in the Park

Monday, August 3, 2009

Our second Walk in the Park

This past Saturday, our second get together took place at Trexler Park.

Noon was apparently too early for my brother:

We began our walk at the main entrance and headed up towards the statue of General Trexler. That hill was tough on me with the heat so I have to tip my hat to Jos and Jim for pushing strollers up it. My mom gets a tip of the hat as well for making it up there with a severe ankle injury.

It’s funny that excluding me and my immediate family, the folks that came out for the walk were not from Allentown; Jos and Dani grew up in Coopersburg, Jim and Susie grew up outside of Bethlehem and Eric grew up in Macungie. I was glad to share as much of the historical knowledge about Trexler Park and General Trexler that I know, with them.

We ended our walk at the lagoon. We were able to see a beautiful heron on the rocks at the back end of the water.

I want to thank everyone for coming out on Saturday. It was a great time. I hope more people can join us for our next event. I will announce plans for our next get together which I am thinking will be a picnic at Cedar Beach in a few days. Hopefully it won’t be so darn hot!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

wonderful time had by all

August 3, 2009 at 4:24 PM  

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