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Remember: World Series Game 3 Notes

Sunday, November 1, 2009

World Series Game 3 Notes

So, they’re bums. They’re playing like bums. They’re acting like bums. They’re hitting like bums. They’re bums. Hamels had better have thrown his last pitch this year. He needs to get ready to start opening day at Coca Cola Park. Last night sucked. It was the least enjoyable, most frustrating, nearly vomit inducing game of baseball I have watched since Travis Lee played first and Robert Person was our ace.

What crap.

What unbelievable crap.

And now, Blanton on the mound against tons of fun; we’re screwed. We’re going to lose the damn series at this rate. Ryan Howard, where in the hell did you go? Chase? Raul? Why is Jayson Werth the offensive star of the World Series? What the turds is going on right now?

Hey Charlie, pitch hit Bruntlett again and I swear I will come down to Philly and take a crap in the on deck circle. My defecation has a better chance of getting a base hit.

Jesus Christ.

Ugh, pending a return to a form they never quite had this year, this one is in the bag. I really thought they were going to win. I thought the Yankees were going to be humbled by a blue collar team who knew what it meant to play a game of baseball the real way. I guess at this point, the Phillies real way of playing baseball has been shown.

Am I jumping the gun? It is after all a 2-1 series.

No I am not. Blanton tonight? Lose. Cliff Lee tomorrow, I want to say win but I don’t know and beyond that Pedro? Things are looking as grim for the Phillies as they look when a cheesesteak stand runs out of meat as Andy Reid arrives.

O and Cole said he "can't wait for it to end". Shamels, neither can we.


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