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Remember: Disc Golf 2: The Lehigh Parkway

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Disc Golf 2: The Lehigh Parkway

After playing the course at Covered Bridge Park a few times and disastrously playing the course at Jordan Park in Whitehall, I decided it was time to attempt the course in the Parkway.

I thought it was great. It is not a technical course like Jordan, it is a distance course with long straight fairways and some par 5’s. It is also what I would consider my home course.

Walking this course is a heck of a workout. The course has a lot of varied terrain and there is some significant distance between a few of the holes. My brother, who prefers technical play, did not enjoy this course as much as I did:

The opportunity here really is to enjoy active recreation in one of the most beautiful natural settings the city of Allentown currently offers. Check out some pictures of the course:

I am starting to get a little better but the distances on these holes was a big challenge. I really enjoyed my time playing here despite the sunburn I’ve got on my shoulders.

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